Silent Confidence

Still life in oil
Still life in oil

Through most of April, I have been working on a new still life. For a long time, I've been wanting to paint Magnolias. Not really a flower person, I can't get anything to grow. But there is something about Magnolias... They blossomed in Florence when I was there, and it was just so incredibly beautiful.

Setting up the still life, I spent more time than I usually do, getting the composition and everything just right. I wanted a serene, strong impact for the end result. I tried to paint the background square almost illuminating, like sunshine through a screen. This proved to be really difficult, and probably not a good idea when the rest of the picture is so light.

However, I worked hard to get the colour values right. I have been thinking of getting a colour checker, but then I stop myself and decide I don't need it, I just have to practise more.

For the title of the painting, it sort of just came creeping on me while I was working. The book I used as a model had a really boring title that I didn't feel was fitting. So I invented one. It felt so right, with the relation I have had with art the past year or two - where everything is just falling into place.

All in all, quite happy with the result. There are a few things I should have used more time on, but in the end, it got a bit tedious going back and forth. I need to practise my stamina, and maybe wait a bit before I paint flowers again...